Friday, December 29, 2006

Photography in Scandinavia

Scandinavia is full of diversities and natural beauties. I found it an exiting place for photography. The white mountains of Norway, cultural heritage of Sweden and lash green vallies in Denmark - are really mesmerising.

Some of the pictures of Street Lights I have taken in Denmark,Sweden and Norway in 2005. These lights of different shapes and colours, reflect the cultural trends of Scandinavia in general.

Here goes Some links:


Denmark :

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

My Photography

Photography, by itself is an art; art of capturing beauty in different approach and look. It’s easy in the sense that once one has a camera, he can go for it. But it’s tougher to be a good photographer. For that we need to have passion for it, a feeling for World’s beauty, and eyesight for different views. Once you start taking good snaps, you will start enjoying it.

Taking photograph is my passion from very childhood. I can remember my father has gifted me a simple cheapest hotshot camera when I was in class V. But it was the only resource till my uncle bought a SLR camera and I bought few digital cams.

Sony T33 and Canon Power shot are good cameras, but they have their own limitations. I am looking for a digital SLR, probably Canon 350D or Nikon 70S. But these cameras are expensive and I have to wait for it.

Picasa from Google is one of the best photo editing software. One can take a simple picture and get it modified by Picasa with different looks. Specially the Graduated Tint options makes the sky colorful and Sepia makes it almost blank and white. I don’t think, to make one original picture modified is bad. Its adding more color to it, with a nice composition, it reaches different magnitude.

Some of the Pictures taken by me are shown below. Some of them are modified by Picasa.

Pictures from India
Nature : Mussouri in the Himalayan Vally

Kharagpur : My Primary School

Sculpture: Qutub Minar in Delhi ; Temples in Bankura (WestBengal) ; and Victoria Memorial of Calcutta

Faces : Child Labours in India

Night Shots
River Ganges in Haridwar and The Dam in night with the scintillating view of Kumari and Kangsavati River in Mukutmanipur

Pictures from Europe:

The world is full of diversity and it is really mesmerizing to enjoy the beauty of it. We all enjoy the captivating nature, its colors and the melancholy tone attracts thousand of tourists to have a deep fragrance of its essence. Going through some parts of Europe, all what I have seen is various color of nature, sometime hypnotized me, sometime quite similar to my home land, The Bengal. The Green fields, the Yellow crops and light n Shade look of charming nature, comes in a different package, keeping its base same. If you look earth from a small flight (relatively smaller height), this looks something special. Blue ponds, sea, oceans and gray costs, light green - yellow crop fields, green forests and big trees make Earth kaleidoscopic. I keep on capturing everything in my camera.