Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Virtual Moon 1

While cleaning my disk space, I was about to delete some unwanted pictures, which are not nicely captured. But I was reluctant in doing so due to my affinity to all pictures. Thus, though to play with Picasa and change the whole outlook, something like make the day a moonlit night, put a red Sun under above the sea, etc. Already posted the one post on Virtual Sun and here goes the Virtual Full Moon. Will continue posting some more.
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Anonymous said...

wooow super shot!!!
i feel like saving this pic :P

Kalyan said...

This is simply an awesome shot... I could have given this 6 out of 5, if possible...Well done!

Ash said...

Really nice!

Pijush said...

@Niki-Chan, Thanks for the complement, you can always save my pics for personal use.

@kalyan, many Thanks for the wonderful comment, I am delighted.

@Ash, Thanks always.

Mridula said...

Hey but was moon there in the original shot or you created one? But you said day pictures! So how did you do it.

Also, do you know, can one add text to picture via Picasa?

Pijush said...

@Mridula, Its virtual, means created by Picasa, Tint + Focal BW + Tint combination gives it, go to the extreme point of Focal BW :-)

no Picasa does not support adding text, but the simplest solution is MS Paint, paste the picture and insert some text, save as BMP/JPG (see my Kharagpur picture).