Thursday, August 23, 2007

Picturesque World has been moved

Picturesque World has been moved. I have decided to post my Travel related potos in my Travel Blog and rest photography related posts will be done in Random Thoughts.

Reason for move: Its tough to maintain 3 blogs regularly and I guess reading so many blogs is not convenient for readers. Its always better to maintain minimum number of blogs for the blogger as well as for the readers.

Another reason is to focus on my other blogs, to keep them moving. Slowly I am getting busier in my career, and it will be hard to post regularly, track and response the comments. Thank you all for your encouragement and appreciating my photos.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Rocky Nature

Today is World's Photography day, and photos of my Meteora trip are a small tribute. See my travel blog for some of the pictures of Meteora. This is a World Heritage site in Greece and a perfect combination of Nature and Creation (Monasteries).
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Thursday, August 16, 2007

Norway : B&W Nature

My trip to Norway in Nutshell was wonderful, this is one of the image from that one. The original image is posted in my Nutshell Photo Blog. I made it B&W deliberately to focus the white snow and to bring the contrast with the houses.

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Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Back to Greece

I am back to Greece for a shot trip of three months (till OCT). I have been to many countries, but truly speaking Greece is unique for its landscape and natural resources and obviously for the ancient cultural heritage. To me the journey in Mediterranean is the best water trip I have ever had. The islands are wonderful and I am planning to visit some of them.
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Sunday, August 5, 2007

Eunuch baby dance: A Social Tradion

In my way back home last month I have encountered many different traditions and social hazards of Indian society. In my home town Kharagpur, I have seen a social menace of eunuch (Hizras). They used to go to the house where new baby is born. Dance with the baby, sing songs, perform some rituals and demand for huge money. Its really horrible, as one can not bargain and if not the demand is made, they will create a huge chaos in the locality. What ever it may be, it’s still considered one of the traditions of Indian society.

The picture above is of my niece in our Kharagpur house surrounded by a group of eunuch. After the dance they pray better life of the baby.

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Friday, August 3, 2007

Typical Greek Face

Finally back to blogging after few days. Some of my friends asked how beautiful Greeks are. Yes they are indeed typical Aryans, brownish tan in color, usually black hair and heroic look. This is one of my colleague working in a big MNC though very informal in nature, nice as a human being. I love Greek people not for their non racist attitudes, but also for their BINDAS loving and lovely nature.
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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Virtual Moon 4 : Final One :-)

click on the pic to view the moon clearly
Thanks for liking my virtual series, specially the Full Moons. So posting one more virtual moon, on a photo taken in dust on the way to Berlin, in Germany. The plant beside the rail track was looking beautiful.
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Thursday, July 19, 2007

Virtual Moon 3 : The last one

First of all sorry for not visiting your blogs, I will be busy for another 2 weeks. But will go through each and every post after coming back to normal life.

This one is the last one in my virtual series as of now, same place again (from the top of the Acropolis, Athens City in Greece).
Take care!!
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Friday, July 13, 2007

Olympic Symbols

A vertical shot of some cups in my drawing room - forms a Olympic symbol
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Monday, July 9, 2007

Virtual Moon 2 : View of Athens from Acropolis

This time its a full moon, from the top of the Acropolis, the moonlit Athens was looking wonderful. Just to remind you that its a virtual moon.
I have started my kharagpur series in my Random Thoughts. One photo collage of Kharagpur is posted there.
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Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Virtual Sun 2

Playing with Picasa still continues and I just love to create virtual Sun now, specially above the sea. This one was captured in Greece and the small church like structure in roadside made it special for me.

I have just written in my other blog, one post on

Ten Tips for Travel Photography .

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Saturday, June 30, 2007

The Land of Midnight Sun

This photo was taken in Voss, a small town of Norway, almost at midnight, though you can find some light in the sky. In pick summer the sunlight is more than this and if we go further north the Sun can be seen in midnight; that’s the reason Norway is called
“The Land of Midnight Sun”.
What I like in this photo is the illuminating street lights, fascinating and glowing like candle sticks. The Voss railway station is visible in right side.
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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Virtual Moon 1

While cleaning my disk space, I was about to delete some unwanted pictures, which are not nicely captured. But I was reluctant in doing so due to my affinity to all pictures. Thus, though to play with Picasa and change the whole outlook, something like make the day a moonlit night, put a red Sun under above the sea, etc. Already posted the one post on Virtual Sun and here goes the Virtual Full Moon. Will continue posting some more.
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Real Sky after Sunset: Kolkata

These shots are captured from the rooftop of my apartment in Kolkata(Calcutta), after the sunset, last weekend. The reddish saffron shades delighted me and I was thinking the beauty of the sky is as beautiful as the sky of Norway. Actually either we don’t get time to enjoy the beauty or sometime it is hidden in the din and bustle of congested architectures.
These shots are absolutely real – posted as it is taken.
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Monday, June 25, 2007

Virtual Setset 1

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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Maple Leaves

The maple leaves look colourful in spring and summer. These are specially found in Europe and America, even in Asia. The flag of Canada featuring a stylized maple leaf in the centre. The distictive shape and kalaidocope nature makes it very special.
I made it Black and White to achieve the contrast and sharpness.
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Diagonal and shades

This is the shot I have taken in my apartment last week. My focus was on the diagonal roofline of the drawing room. But after taking the shot what amazed me most are the semicircular shades in the wall. I found these are originated from the small circular lights. Its amazing!
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Saturday, June 9, 2007

Flowers in the Tub

This is a picture of a flower in my hometown, kharagpur, 130 km away from Kolkata(Calcutta). I was amazed to see such beautiful flowers next to my door step, in an unused tub, was looking to it for minutes and then decided to take a snap. This picture reminds me the famous poem of Tagore.

In one of his Poem Rabindranath Tagore had written…

“ Dekhite giyachi porbotmala, Dekhite giyachi Sindhu.
Dekha hoy nai chokkhu melia,
Ghor hote du pa felia,
Ekti dhaner sisher opor, ekti sishir bindu. “

The English meaning is something like..

“Have seen the mountain, seen the river…
Have not had seen with open eyes
Next to my door step where lies
A dew drop over the grass looks like a drop of tear…”

The inner meaning is we often miss the inherent beauty of trivial things very close to us. We travel to see the touristy places, enjoy remote destinations, but never care to watch
“the God of small things”.
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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Monk - Tibetan Lama in India

It’s a snap of a Tibetan Lama in Mussouri, India. Last year I went to Uttaranchal and visited a Buddhist monastery nearby; governed by local Tibetans. Since, China has taken over Tibet; thousands of Tibetans came to India and settled here. They came because of two reasons. Firstly, India a soft nation, who adopt all religion and nationality to live in harmony; and secondly the Buddhist culture in India has a deep root including its emergence from Goutam Buddha.

The human right violation is not an unknown story in China; the encroaching dragon was always a problem for its neighbors. Recently I came to know about the Arunachal issue in details from Kalyan’s blog. It is really petty to claim a state of India, which has been an integral part of India. A part of Kashmir is under China, were they at all involved in the controversy in past? Because of this aggressive nature even Dalai Lama has taken shelter in India.

Coming back to the picture, it’s an instant shot. So the face of the Lama has a typical vivid expression of innocence and hesitance. The dress is typical Tibetan and the surrounding is of greenish Himalayan valley.
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Friday, May 25, 2007

bangles - Churias in India

The word Bangles (Hindi: Churias / Kangan) is derived from Hindi word bungri (glass). Bangles are part of traditional Indian jewelry. In India, bangles are usually worn in pairs by women, one or more on each arm, and a single bangle is rarely sold. They are made of numerous precious as well as non-precious materials such as gold, silver, platinum, glass, wood, ferrous metals, plastic, etc.

This picture is taken in New Market (even though its quite OLD), Calcutta (Kolkata). Not only in Kolkata, but there are numerous shops just for bangles., in every Indian city. These colourful bangles are very cheap and looks georgious in the soft hands of Indian women; thus has huge demand in India.

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Thursday, May 10, 2007

Mountains in Greece

Mountain, originally uploaded by ghosh_pijush.

"A mountain becomes great as a human personality does, by extending its influence over the thoughts, words and actions of mankind," so said R. L. G. Irving, an English mountaineer writing in 1940. The thoughts and words inspired by mountains and the people who live there have been very important influences in the development of mountain environments in modern times. The Matterhorn, for example, is a disagreeable, tall pile of loose rock but thanks to literature and photography it has become one of the world's best known tourist symbols and is as important to the national economy of Switzerland as the watch industry itself.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

SLR vs Non-SLR

To start photography, its better to have non SLR normal camera where we don't bother for focusing, mode, DOF etc. Just open and click. Maximum we can change the mode from landscape to portrait or night shot. It gives us liberty to concentrate on the object and we can take pictures much faster. A beginner can easily operate normal digital camera. He need to have a steady hand sometime if not the camera has image stabilizer.

The subject of the picture is completely independent irrespective of the nature of the camera. So choosing and concentrating on object has nothing with SLR. But what matters in SLR is how you want to make the picture better, different and SLR gives the flexibility to play with the object depending on its nature.

So just compare SLR vs Non-SLR one by one.

1)Depth of Field (DOF)

The following two pictures have been taken in SLR, canon 350D; with varied apertures, shutter speed and ISO. In the first one DOF is so small that even the last leaves are not prompt, whereas DOF in second one quite long. The background is clear. This variety of DOF is only possible in SLR, where as in normal camera it is fixed.

2)Portrait (First one taken in SLR Canon 350D and Second one in Normal Canon Powershot)

Both the picture has taken in Portrait mode. One can observe the sharpness in SLR, with narrow DOF, a true Portrait picture; whereas the other one in normal one is in wide and fixed DOF. So, undoubtedly the SLR one is quite better.

Nothing more I have to say, see the links of Sunio (normal Canon) and Nafplio (SLR)

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

4 MP and 8 MP

For ordinary use, I think normal (not SLR) 4 MP camera is more than enough. Even though we zoom little and play it looks perfect for 5x7 even 8x10 printing. So never go for more than 5MP if you do not have any special need for it, as more the MP bigger the size of it. So it can be problem in storing the pics after certain point of time.

But If you want to get more out of a picture 8-10MP is best and SLR is obviously better as I have compared in the following picture.

This one(following) is taken in Konica Minolta Dimage Z2 , 4 Mega Pixel camera - the best normal camera I have seen so far. I have edited the picture in two ways.
1) Full Saturation - Color of sky and trees are faded
2) 100% Zoom - Got little Blurred

This one(following) is taken in Canon 350 DSLR, 8 Mega Pixel camera - I am currently Using. After compacting(resizing) I have edited the picture in two ways.
1) Full Saturation - Color of sky and trees are not faded

2) 100% Zoom - Much Better than the 4MP one

Friday, January 26, 2007

New Camera : Canon 350D

Description: EOS 350D SLR Digital Camera 18-55 lens ; Manufacturer: Canon

Memory Type: CompactFlash ; LCD Screen Size: 1.8 in
Camera / Lens Type: Interchangeable
Optical Zoom: 3
MegaPixels: 8.2

Image Processor
Number of Image Sensor Pixels: 8200000
Image Sensor: CMOS
Image Quality
Number of Resolution Modes: 3
Max Vertical Image Resolution: 2304 pixels
Max Horizontal Image Resolution: 3456 pixels

Lens Features
Min Focal Length: 18 mm
Max Focal Length: 55 mm
Min Focus Distance: 11.3 in
Focus Features: Auto Focus,Focus Lock,Manual Focus,Multiple Point Focusing,Predictive Focusing
Max Aperture: 3.5 1/f
Optical Zoom: 3 X
Lens Mount: Interchangeable
Min Aperture: 22 1/f

Exposure Controls
Number of Scene Modes: 5
White Balance: Auto,Manual,Preset Modes
ISO Equivalencies: 100,1600,200,400,800
Metering Characteristics: Center-weighted Average,Central-area Partial,Evaluative
Exposure Settings: AE Lock,Aperture Priority,Auto Exposure,Exposure Bracketing,Manual Exposure,Multiple Exposure,Multiple Program Modes,Shutter Priority
Bulb Setting: Yes

Shutter Performance
Shutter Lag: 0.001 second(s)
Continuous Shooting Speed: 3 frames/s (fps)
Frames per Second: 3 frames/s (fps)
Minimum Shutter Speed: 30 sec.
Maximum Shutter Speed: 4000 1/f

Other Features
Power Source: Lithium Ion,Rechargeable Battery
General Features: Flash Cancel (On/Off),Red-Eye Reduction,Self Timer,Slow Speed Sync,SLR Camera
Interface Type: USB - Universal Serial Bus,Video - Out (Unspecified)
Flash Characteristics: Accessory Shoe,Built-in Flash
Included Components: Carrying Strap,Charger,PC Connection Cable
LCD Screen Size: 1.8 in

Height: 94 mm
Width: 127 mm
Depth: 64 mm
Weight: 485 g