Wednesday, March 21, 2007

SLR vs Non-SLR

To start photography, its better to have non SLR normal camera where we don't bother for focusing, mode, DOF etc. Just open and click. Maximum we can change the mode from landscape to portrait or night shot. It gives us liberty to concentrate on the object and we can take pictures much faster. A beginner can easily operate normal digital camera. He need to have a steady hand sometime if not the camera has image stabilizer.

The subject of the picture is completely independent irrespective of the nature of the camera. So choosing and concentrating on object has nothing with SLR. But what matters in SLR is how you want to make the picture better, different and SLR gives the flexibility to play with the object depending on its nature.

So just compare SLR vs Non-SLR one by one.

1)Depth of Field (DOF)

The following two pictures have been taken in SLR, canon 350D; with varied apertures, shutter speed and ISO. In the first one DOF is so small that even the last leaves are not prompt, whereas DOF in second one quite long. The background is clear. This variety of DOF is only possible in SLR, where as in normal camera it is fixed.

2)Portrait (First one taken in SLR Canon 350D and Second one in Normal Canon Powershot)

Both the picture has taken in Portrait mode. One can observe the sharpness in SLR, with narrow DOF, a true Portrait picture; whereas the other one in normal one is in wide and fixed DOF. So, undoubtedly the SLR one is quite better.

Nothing more I have to say, see the links of Sunio (normal Canon) and Nafplio (SLR)

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Ishwardeep Singh said...

I have been traveling for a while, and I think I need to swtich from canon powershots to an SLR. Thanks for the tips!