Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Back to Greece

I am back to Greece for a shot trip of three months (till OCT). I have been to many countries, but truly speaking Greece is unique for its landscape and natural resources and obviously for the ancient cultural heritage. To me the journey in Mediterranean is the best water trip I have ever had. The islands are wonderful and I am planning to visit some of them.
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backpakker said...

mediterranean has always been my dream.even as a teenager,i've been dreaming abt the jouney.I love history and geography and Greece has always been one of the few places i have been dying to see. I still read books on greek mythology

Kalyan said...

Simply Beautiful...Well captured shot!

KMF said...


Pijush said...

@Backpakker, Its impressive that you still read books on Greek Mythology and being here I cant do so :-(
Thanks for the comment.

@Kalyan, Thanks again

@KMF, Welcome to my blog, keep coming

Anonymous said...

waat? are u back to Greece???? lol
wat a beautiful fantastic trip.
soo envy!!

Pijush said...

@Niki-Chan, Thanks for your words. Stay Well

Aditi said...

gorgeous sunset